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I am loving the upgraded feature sets of Standard Notes. Moving some of the extensions into the core experience certainly has helped make the experience smoother and just generally better.

I am using it more and more often has daily note taker especially at work where there are privacy concerns with using third party note taking applications.

Still a long term subscriber and I think I will continue to be.

Stay curious,


#166 Musings

Reacher has dropped on Amazon Prime (in Australia at least).

I am enjoying the show, some brutal fight scenes definitely meets its R18+ rating.

Acting is….. all right. Alan Ritchinson has a particular style and I think he matches well with the Jack Reacher character. Certainly has the physique for it, he is a specimen.

Only a couple of eps in but am enjoying it. Which for me is the point. The show can be good or bad but if I’m
Enjoying it than it’s worth the investment.

Till next time,


#167 Musings

So saw Moonfall... and I wouldn't call it a good film in any stretch of the imagination.

The topbilled cast definitely feel like they are phoning it in, and really that's the main thing that lets me down.

For me if you have a good concept (or even a trashy one - think 5th Element) and writing that can sell it you can muddle through.

Unfortunately, while for me the concept works really well, it is a crazy idea and at times the writing is a bit stodgy.

We saw it in Hoyts Lux and for free with points so that took the sting out of the whole experience.

Look I have a real low bar to movies, I like the moviegoing experience. I enjoy going to the cinema. So for me the bar is do I get to go to the movies, have some popcorn (or in our case some wine and actual food)? Yes, then I'm good even if the movie is a bit meh.

There are some reviews out there that really hit on Roland Emmerich here, it's essentially diseaster porn + spoilers.

Till next time,


#165 Musings

Booked in to watch Moonfall on Sunday. Should be good, trailer certainly looks crazy.


Started a tracker for my stretching, hopefully I’ll be able to keep on track.


Just watched Bastille Day, definitely an enjoyable if not an actual good movie. Idris Elba and Richard madden definitely aren’t giving it their all but seem to be having fun of some kind.

Till next time,


#164 Musings

Hi, I’m back after nearly a year off.

I was reading #163 Musings about how my shoulder came good. Unfortunately, 2 weeks after that I broke my thumb and my season was over.


What’s taken my interest in movies and tv shows lately? Well that would In from the Cold on Netflix. Not the greatest acting but the premise is very sci-fi and pretty cool. The main story is around an ex-russian spy who can shapeshift into any person as long as she's touched them to read their DNA. As I said cool.

Effects budget is pretty good, writing can be a bit tough and throw in the acting I would recommend it to people who love concepts and sci-fi as opposed to actually good shows.

In term's of movies, the last big movie I saw was Scream (2022). I don't mind the scream franchise and this latest installment really does a good job of capturing the old but bringing in some new ideas and executions. If you like Slasher horrors or the original Scream, I would highly recommend you take the time to see it. If not in the cinema that at least at home.

Till next time,


#163 Musings

Shoulder is nearly back to normal, thankfully.

Won't have an issue playing on sunday which is a massive bonus. Was really dreading saying I couldn't play.

Watched a movie with Nicholas Cage called Next. It is quite a terrible movie, though the premise is something that really sings. A Phillip K Dick adaptation and man it is something.

Acting is meh, narratively it's all over the place but again that hook just is something.

The main protaganist is a man who can see 2 minutes into the future. Now to its detriment it doesn't explore exactly how this works or how they sanity can survive but I digress. I won't ruin the ending though I think the movie does that on it's own.

My electron app is up and running, barely.

Just playing around with APIs, to see how I can programmatically pull data and display it with in a web page.

Till next time,


#162 Musings

Created my first electron app.

It is quite a simple process though of course it is a very simple one.

Currently trying to hit an API endpoint, and display that data on the page.

Can authenticate, print it to console, display it in an ugly stringified json format but am having trouble actually making it look good.

Obviously, doing something wrong somewhere in the point. I think I just need to translate that JSON data into something that is displayed normally.

Eh, i'll work it out.

Physio has said my shoulder seems to be AC joint inflammation courtesy of a stiff ac joint. He termed it a brick.

Shall have to look up some loosening exercises to help with that.

Till next time,


#161 Musings

Have to say Disney is killing it with their tv shows on Disney+.

The Mandalorian was awesome, Wandavision, and now Winter Soldier and Falcon. All just top notch shows. All very differnet in terms of style and aesthetics but very enjoyable in their own ways.

Shoulder still sore. Booked in for the physio to see what is going on. Fingers crossed nothing serious and it won't impact the start of my season. Would be really disappointing if yes.

Till next time,


#160 Musings

Debating whether I should stick with the daily listed writing.

Eh we shall, this is going to be a short one just to keep it ticking over and I shall see in the next couple of days.

Till next time,


#159 Musings

Made some pulled pork for my partner's family party. Forgot how easy and foolproof sous vide pork really is. So so tasty as well.

Looking forward to pulled pork rolls with tangy slaw on Martins potato rolls. Going to be delicious.

Think I slept wrong on my shoulder because my AC joint is causing me heaps of grief. Hurting all down my collarbone. Wonder if it is just inflammation or if I actually injured myself. I'll give it till tuesday to see how it is going before I go to the physio.

Did some cleaning getting ready for the party, and while my partner and I are a bit messy our place isn't dirty.

Till next time,


#158 Musings

Saw Nobody at the movies today and it was good. Funny in parts, action was quite well shot and choreograped. Bob Odenkirk carries the film. Really does a fantastic job keeping everything ticking along.

You can definitely tell that people involved in John Wick were involved in this film. The action sequences have a very similar vibe, good but similar.

I would definitely say that if you like the John Wick franchise then you should give this a watch.

Got a basic flashcard version up and running. Still some kinks to work out but dam it works. Feels awesome.

I'm glad i've got something up and running that I can play with over the next 4 or so weeks.

Till next time,


#157 Musings

Started my final GA project.

Stayed with my Star Wars generator color set though I'm not sold on the idea. Maybe I should do some research on best colours for learning.

The framework is up and it should look good once I've got it all set up.

I'll just need to explore the best flashcard JS code to use. There seems to be so many different ways to do it.

Watched a movie with Nic Cage called Willy's wonderland. It's a crazy film really. Recommended watch though if you like horror, comedies.

Till next time,

#156 Musings

Leg doesn't seem to have gotten worse, still a bit achey though. All I can do at this stage is continue to watch it.

GA went well, everyone seemed to struggle. Definitely helps that I have played around with @media queries, breakpoints and responsive design before.

Definitely feeling a bit off. Think I am pre-sick. We shall see.

Till next time,


#155 Musings

Dam, think my leg wound is infected.

Got a couple of white spots which generally isn't a good thing.

I'll keep an eye out on it, to see out it progresses. Fingers crossed it takes care of itself without medical intervention.

Had quite a lazy day. Not feeling the greatest. Think I am pre-sick.

Till next time,


#154 Musings

Made the unfortunate mistake of leaving on my jelonet dressing overnight. Essentially bonded with my open wound.

Spent essentially two and bit hours just trying to remove it with the least amount of maceration possible.

Was pretty much successful. My leg is hurting now and I do believe it is infected. Very very red. Though that could be from me pulling and pushing at for over two hours.

We shall see how it goes over the next couple of days. If it gets worse might need to go to the doctor.

Haven't coded in a couple of days but I shall catch up tomorrow after sleep.

Till next time,


#153 Musings

Going to be a short one today.

Read a book yesterday called The Subjuguate by Amanda Bridgeman.

Have to say it was a very fun read. Not perfect but still a boat load of fun.

If you like high-concept sci-fi plus cop-drama I'd suggest you give it a go.

Till next time,