#164 Musings

Hi, I’m back after nearly a year off.

I was reading #163 Musings about how my shoulder came good. Unfortunately, 2 weeks after that I broke my thumb and my season was over.


What’s taken my interest in movies and tv shows lately? Well that would In from the Cold on Netflix. Not the greatest acting but the premise is very sci-fi and pretty cool. The main story is around an ex-russian spy who can shapeshift into any person as long as she's touched them to read their DNA. As I said cool.

Effects budget is pretty good, writing can be a bit tough and throw in the acting I would recommend it to people who love concepts and sci-fi as opposed to actually good shows.

In term's of movies, the last big movie I saw was Scream (2022). I don't mind the scream franchise and this latest installment really does a good job of capturing the old but bringing in some new ideas and executions. If you like Slasher horrors or the original Scream, I would highly recommend you take the time to see it. If not in the cinema that at least at home.

Till next time,


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