#163 Musings

Shoulder is nearly back to normal, thankfully.

Won't have an issue playing on sunday which is a massive bonus. Was really dreading saying I couldn't play.

Watched a movie with Nicholas Cage called Next. It is quite a terrible movie, though the premise is something that really sings. A Phillip K Dick adaptation and man it is something.

Acting is meh, narratively it's all over the place but again that hook just is something.

The main protaganist is a man who can see 2 minutes into the future. Now to its detriment it doesn't explore exactly how this works or how they sanity can survive but I digress. I won't ruin the ending though I think the movie does that on it's own.

My electron app is up and running, barely.

Just playing around with APIs, to see how I can programmatically pull data and display it with in a web page.

Till next time,


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