#167 Musings

So saw Moonfall... and I wouldn't call it a good film in any stretch of the imagination.

The topbilled cast definitely feel like they are phoning it in, and really that's the main thing that lets me down.

For me if you have a good concept (or even a trashy one - think 5th Element) and writing that can sell it you can muddle through.

Unfortunately, while for me the concept works really well, it is a crazy idea and at times the writing is a bit stodgy.

We saw it in Hoyts Lux and for free with points so that took the sting out of the whole experience.

Look I have a real low bar to movies, I like the moviegoing experience. I enjoy going to the cinema. So for me the bar is do I get to go to the movies, have some popcorn (or in our case some wine and actual food)? Yes, then I'm good even if the movie is a bit meh.

There are some reviews out there that really hit on Roland Emmerich here, it's essentially diseaster porn + spoilers.

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