#141 Musings

So I use quite a few productivity, note-taking apps.

Primarily, I use Todoist as my task manager. It has a very large feature set, essentially on every known platform and looks very slick while doing it. It does cost us$50/year but for me, well worth the outlay.

Notion, is my task admin center. I use it to organise my life. The database capabilities are just awesome. It does have a few annoyances that detract from the overall experience. Such as better offline capabilities, search, and a terrible web-clipper.

Evernote is something that I cannot just leave behind. It's web clipper and scanning capabilities are by far the best that I've used. I wish the rest of their ecosystem was better. Still no official linux app which is disappointing. I am looking into Joplin which is open source, and syncs with Nextcloud. Don't think they have a good android app which is disappointing and may kill it for me.

I use Standard Notes primarily for Listed but also just general quick markdown note-taking. I want to support privacy first ecosystems and Standard Notes is a worthy one.

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