#128 Musings

Forgot I hadn't re-installed ProtonVPN on my linux box. Thankfully it is such an easy process.

Just had the protonvpn repositories, then install it. It automatically pulls updates when required and really is such an easier way of runnning your pc.

Still have to figure out our 1password shared vaults. I am getting a lot of family member logins in my search that I just don't want. Not sure how to solve it. Maybe go through with dad and take away his ability to add to the vault. Maybe that's safest.

Sprained my ankle at summer soccer. Got bumped in mid-air and was off balance. Definitely felt off in my ankle. Not sure what is going on with it. Need to do some strengthening of it after it's healed of course. The question is should I play on sunday. Think I am going to have to. Can't start the seasons cold.

Till next time,


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