#129 Musings

Using Windows on my surface pro definitely reminds how sharp windows can be on a nice screen.

Eh i'll probably switch back and play around with Windows for a while to see how it is going. My partner certainly would prefer that I use windows. She does not like Linux at all (nor the wherewithal to learn). Not surprising considering her work requires windows.

She deals with sensitive data and so all her external data storage hardware is encrypted (via bitlocker for ease of use). Opening bitlocker on linux is a bit meh or at least it was with the quick look I had.

Russel Howard with some ridiculous COVID restrictions. I don't mean to say that the restrictions aren't required moreso that to make us go to the theatre with those restrictions rather than waiting until the agreed upon reschedule date of july is ridiculous.

We shall go and see how it is, if we aren't comfortable with the close proximity of people we will leave.

Till next time,


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