#101 Musings

After my fuckup with the boot drives on my main machine, I have been setting up Pop-OS again. I do thoroughly enjoy the tinkering and playing around required. It's less of a, sterile, experience than windows.

I've talked about nativefier before but it really is an awesome piece of kit. Moves you out of the browser especially for those web platforms that don't have native linux applications.

There are still some things that don't quite work for me and those are different wallpapers on each of my screens (not important) and a sharex equivalent (i.e. automatical upload to my Nextcloud and copy the resulting share url to the clipboard). That is a killer feature that I haven't been able to replicate on Pop-OS so far.

Some do imgur and so I might just have to stick to that and save to the nextcloud folder? We shall see with some more testing.

Till next time,


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