#102 Musings

Have moved due to me fucking up the boot partition, to Pop-OS 20.10. It looks like all the windows files are there. Just have to fix the grub bootloader. Usually the application boot repair would manage it but there seems to be other issues.

So far has been a seamless experience. I think maybe there has been some improvement on the graphics drivers. Certainly feels (in most instances) a bit sharper than before.

Still playing around with it but I love terminal. For example ProtonVPN is run with a command line interface straight in terminal. Just feels cool.

I definitely need to become more comfortable using it, learn a few more of the tricks.

I just need to use it.

One of the underated things is just installing stuff and not having to restart the machine. So easy.

Started football training today. Damn I am sore. Not going to feel good tomorrow.

Till next time,


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