#100 Musings

Made it to 100 days.

21,154 words + todays total.

I am quite proud of the achievement. It has felt good writing over the last 3 a bit months. Especially ensuring that I wrote at least 100 words per day.

That's not to say the writing was any good of course.

I did use this as a place to output writing, anything. Sometimes longer pieces sometimes really short "let's get this done" pieces.

Overall, I'd recommend the challange.

Made a mistake with my main PC.

I dual boot windows 10 and Pop-OS. I tried to update Pop-OS from 20.04 to 20.10. There were issues and errors. I restarted and then couldn't boot back into pop-os without major issues. Didn't take a backup but really nothing important is ever saved locally, so it's just installs and configs. So I said hey why not, I'll just re-install Pop-OS and boom problem solved. Unfortunately, by re-installing Pop-OS I borked my ability to boot into my windows install. Annoying to say the least. Again not really because of anything I've saved locally but rather than setup and config.

Oh well, not the first time, and it certainly won't be the last time that I bork up an install because I was impatient.

Till next time,


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