#99 Musings

Going to try and make some pork and shallot gyoza. Apparently work well from frozen as well.

Fingers crossed they work out.

Man just found out that Vivaldi has a built in Mail, Calendar and Feed clients. That is just awesome.


Is located in the sidebar though I believe you can also view it as a tab. I currently only have one email address attached to it (borganstein@vivaldi.net).

This is what it looks like in a full tab format.

I quite like it. It's minimal, efficient and just works within the broader Vivaldi aesthetic.

I use the Newton Mail client for the majority of my other throwaway accounts such as gmail, outlook and what not.

I use ProtonMail for my main accounts due to the security and privacy advantages brought by them.


Again Protonmail provides encrypted at rest storage of my contacts.


This is an interesting one. While the ProtonMail offering is good, it is still missing some features. This might be an interesting way of utilising my gmail calendar in an efficient way.

I shall blame 2020 for missing this big announcement because really it is right up my alley.

In my defence I was in the middle of moving so I did have some other priorities.

Till next time,


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