#98 Musings

Blood & Treasure is quite a good show. It's fun, easygoing. Has some action, laughs. Doesn't take itself too seriously. Certainly a fun watch to take your mind off of the day.

I flip between browsers. I was using Brave browser but have transitioned back to Vivaldi that I was using before Brave. Both built on top of the chromium engine (the same as Google Chrome).

Vivaldi is super customisable. Developed for and by hardcore users. If you love making something exactly your own I would highly recommend Vivaldi. It also some good privacy features built in.

Brave on the other hand is a unique take on a web browser. They use something called a Basic Attention Token which you can earn by viewing ads or purchasing directly. There were some issues with Brave doing some shady stuff but from a perspective of an easy to use solution Brave is it.


Looks very similar to Chrome and most people would be comfortable using it.


I thoroughly enjoy the sidebar, double layer tabs and really just the power of the browser.

As you can see by the drop down menu, there are lots of options. Lots of power but you can get in the weeds if you are not careful.

If you need any advice or tips (or can give me some). Please hit me up on twitter.

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