#97 Musings

My sleeping pattern definitely has shifted massively. Bedtime around 7 waking up around 3pm. Going to have to reset, especially if I get that 9-5 job. Going to be brutal.

Was going to try tonight, but I am tired so not sure if pre-sick or just under the weather. We shall see how it pans out over the next couple of days. Felt all right all day until about an hour ago then tired. Which if you know me is extremely unusual.

Started watching a new show with my partner. Resident Alien with Alan Tudyk. Have to say the pilot episode is hilarious definitely going on the rotation. Having said that Tudyk sells it, he just an awesome actor. His mannerisms are just spot on. His timing is awesome as well. Just all round good fun. Definitely a recommended watch for any comedy/sci-fi fans out there, or if you are just a fan of Tudyk. Well worth the investment.

It's another short one.

Till next time,


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