#96 Musings

Had a flare up just have dinner. Man never feels good. It's been fairly quiet over the last 3 or 4 days. Some stomach issues here or there but overall all right. Tonight not so much.

Might've been the spicy food for dinner, though the pizza last night didn't cause a flare up like tonight. Having said that I did take some medication to help mitigate any issues considering we were entertaining guests.

Hmm interesting, though not suprising.

I ordered a few things from DollarShaveClub AU in mid-december knowing that I wouldn't need it for awhile especially knowing how COVID/christmas will have fucked the postal system. Unfortunately, while they have charged me the order is not even processing on their website. So after four weeks I sent them an email. A week later I get an automated reply, saying sorry. Another week and another automated reply. I have sent another email requesting information. If they don't get in contact I shall be requesting a refund from credit card company.

I checked on Twitter and it seems like they are having major issues with hardly a specific response other than automated ones.

I would much prefer honesty if they are having problems with their supply chain but unles they actually get in contact, they'll leave me with little recourse.

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