#90 Musings

Tidied up my server area. Cables, tagging etc. Looks much neater now.

Still trying to figure out what the best way for me to create a 4G failover system would be.

I do wish my Synology had've worked because that solution was quite easy. I would obviously have to slow down on consuming content if my main connection was down for any length of time.

Maybe I'll just work on that, bonus that is free and could set it up quickly depending on the situation.

Just re-watched the Escape from.. movies starring Kurt Russel.

Escape from New York (1981) was a blast. Obviously dated effects but regardless a fun watch.

Escape from LA (1996) was more of a satirical look at movies, agents and religion? John Carpenter certainly went for it.

My sleep is a bit off, and my stomach certainly was today. Not sure exactly what the inciting event was but am paying for it. I have been hitting the V Energy Drink quite hard recently. Possibly that. Maybe i'll taper off my use to "reset" my gut.

Some of my plants are dieing and not sure why. One identical plant is doing fabulously and the other is dieing. I have moved it so hopefully it was the location in the apartment that was doing the damage.

Till next time,


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