#89 Musings

My ISP (Internet Service Provider) had a major outage today for about 4.5 hours, between 4 and 9pm. My ISP has been rock solid for the last 12 months essentially and coudln't complain. It was just unforunate timing because my partner and I had planned to sit on the couch and watch Netflix all day. Eh made do with locally stored content.

The only thing that was a bit meh about today was really the lack of communication. I do get it's a sunday here in Australia which presumably meant they were running with a skeleton crew. Regardless an automated email would've sufficed. I am tech savvy enough to have various reporting tools available to me that meant I knew exactly when I lost connection to the outside world. A cursory check of my equipment which showed nothign untoward.

I would have to assume that an automated email when outages are occuring should be fairly simple to implement but I am not well versed what type of technical stacks are involved at the ISP level.

Definitely a first world problem.

It actually usually wouldn't matter since I have 4G failover capabilities. Unfortunately, since the move I haven't actuallly set it up yet. My bad. I think I might just pull the finger out and get it set up.

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