#91 Musings

Had a terrible Double Gameweek 19 with my Fantasy Premier League team.

Only made 56 points over the massive amount of games. A bit disappointing but hopefully my changes for gameweek 20 can get me some more points to keep me on top of the table.

Was some ridiculously stupid temperatures over the last 3 or 4 days. Hitting 40 c at my place. Ridiculous All round.

It's looking likely that I either won't be playing and possibly refereeing and/or playing with a friend's team. Not sure what I should do. My fitness is terrible at the moment and so refereeing might not be the best idea. It would force me to do some work in that arena though which can't be bad. To be honest I'd still need to do the work if I was just playing. The way I am currently just isn't sustainable I don't think from a playing perspective. We shall see, I have a bit of time out exactly what I want to do.

I would miss playing for sure, but I miss refereeing a lot as well. I am quite good at it, and would like to go back to have a go.

Maybe both is the way to go?

Till next time,


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