#86 Musings

Man I am sore from my first summer soccer game of the year. Who know that not doing any physical activity for 4 months then playing would be a bad idea /s.

Finally finished Hotel Artemis and while the film was enjoyable. The ending felt rushed and a little bit awkward. Nothing major but it's a bit of shame they didn't explore some of the bigger ideas brought up.

I just love Dave Bautista.

All in all a fun film. Recommended for those action movie/dystopian world movie buffs.

Woohoo ProtonCalendar finally added in the ability to send invites to participants. Fantastic. At least that will give me the opportunity to share my events with my partner. I do hope they implement full calendar sharing but this will do for a stopgap.

I can appreciate the difficulties of secure encrypted products and sharing don't necessarily go hand in hand. I am more than willing to forgo some of those features for added benefit of privacy.

I definitely try and put my money where my mouth is and subscribe and purchase platforms/products that have a privacy first attitude. That does mean that at times you have to be creative in adding in those must have features.

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