#87 Musings

Found out that a show called The Hardy Boys came out last year on Hulu. Now I loved the books when I was younger and so hey why not. I like the Nancy Drew so stands to reason a similar show would work the same.

The pilot episode isn't bad though feels a bit slow for me. The major issue that I am having is that the "older" Hardy brother is supposed to be 16 and in school. Unfortunately he is played by Rohan Campbell who is 23 and bit years old. He certainly looks like a mid-twenties adult. So everytime he tried to act like a 16 year old it just looked weird. No knocks on his acting chops its just virtually impossible for an adult man to play a 16 year old. Here is his picture to give you an idea

Now, I've obviously picked a.... photo that makes him look older but you get the picture (no pun intended).

I'll see how it fares but either the pace picks up, or it grabs me in another way to offset my annoyance at his age otherwise it shall fall by the wayside.

I use Trakt.tv to track the movies and tv shows that I watch. Mainly because I don't want to be beholden to a Netflix or an Amazon Prime to let me know when I have watched a show. So often they move from platform to platform and this way I can track them regardless of where I watch them. Of course, that means that I need to actually remember to put what I've watched on it.

Not only is it good for tracking what I've watched but it's also very good at letting me know new shows, or older shows that I might be interested in.

It's also a good way of looking back at your past views. Some of my numbers are ridiculous. They aren't even all of them.

Movies definitely not attentive enough. I do watch a lot of movies.

An hour going through and adding movies and I've doubled my All Time watch time

It'll probably take me the year to actually add all the movies I've seen.

I do need to do better when it comes to actually doing the cleaning/washing etc. My partner is in trial and extremely busy, doing upwards of 14/15 hour days. Just need to knuckle down to make sure it's as easy as possible for her.

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