#85 Musings

Changed from Full-stack path to the front-end path. Definitely more enjoyable. That's not to say that I won't go back to complete the back-end stuff but certainly more efficient this way.

Finally Biden and Harris will be sworn in, will be nice to go back to a "normal" president. Fingers crossed it's boring as hell.

Started watching Hotel Artemis and I am loving it. Brown is awesome, Quinto and Foster are sublime. Bautista is just his usual awesome self. We shall see how to fares as the movie progresses but so far good stuff.

You can tell that the actors are loving it. They are bringing an energy to their respective roles that makes them pop on screen. Now it's no oscar worthy movie but definitely very fun so far.

My first game of summer soccer is tonight after last week's cancellation. Usual pre-game nerves. New team, new comp. Will see if they want to slot me in as gk or just roaming on the field.

Till next time,


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