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Watched the end of the last test of the Australia-India Test series. Congratulations to India, they played phenonmenally. Especially considering the amount of injuries that they have. Australia just could not break them down.

While Australia was ostensibly at full strength they certainly didn't look it at times. Aside from Pat Cummins who seemed to carry the team again in the final sessions of both the Sydney test as well as Brisbane tests. Australia just seemed to have an inability to break partnerships. The batting was ok, they certainly made respectable totals but not many players across the summer went on to big totals. With many of the top order faltering.

Combine that with lack lustre bowling at the death with what many have said was an overly defensive stance by captain Tim Paine meant that India went to win and retain the trophy. TIm Pain has know failed to beat India twice.

We shall see what this means for the Ashes towards the end of the year but first is the tour of South Africa which surely must be in danger of being called off. We shall see what that brings. At least the time difference isn't too bad.

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