#79 Musings

Just about to start watching The Watch (2021).

The blurb from wiki states that it is a fantasy police procedural. I quite enjoy the police procedural as tv, contained. Stories finished after an episode. That's not to say some of the best police procedurals don't have deep overarching stories but rather they are the exception rather than the norm.

Add to that fantasy and really I am in for all money.

I have never read Terry Pratchett's Discworld series to my chagrin but apparently that will help me with this show because apparently only loosely based on it. Fans of the books have been disappointed in its execution. Eh we shall see, since I have nothing to compare it to don't think it'll much bother me.

I'll report back once i'm into it to share my thoughts out loud.

Definitely need to ramp up my JS educational stuff. Started treading water a bit, need another kick to my motivation back up and running.

We shall see.

In other news I am still waiting on ProtonMail to get their calendar to a stage where it is more useable (for my use case that is). Specifically, the only real thing I need is the ability to share a calendar or event at a stretch with my partner. This way she can add stuff, I can add stuff; makes our organisational stuff way easier.

Till next time,


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