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Watched The Dry again today and have to say it's still good on a rewatch.

You do see some of the subtle signposting throughout that leads you to the end of the story.

Have to say if you feel safe enough to go to a theatre, a highly recommended watch. If you don't (and fair enough right now) then definitely give it a rent once it's on VoD.

The Watch (2021) looks like an interesting tv show. Have got it and put it on the rotation so we shall see how it goes. Have heard stuff both positive and negative which is surprising.

Unsurprisingly, the conservatives here in Australia are mangling free speech and private tech platforms. To suggest that Donald Trump's deplatforming from Twitter, Facebook amongst others is patently ridiculous. Especially, considering that he is (at the time of writing) still the President of the United States. He can at a moments notice call a press conference that the world would listen to.

Like it or not Donald Trump and many others have been and are in violation of the ToS. Just because it took the tech companies 4 years and a staged coup, shouldnt detract from the fact that he has violated the ToS many times. The only it took this incident is because he is/was the president of the US.

Frankly, even if I believed their argument around free speech (in Aus.), inciting violence is not and should never be protected speech.

I definitely agree that regulating the big tech players is crucial but to suggest that laws/policy should be put in place so that people can spread hate and violence. Definitely not.

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