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Outside the Wire 2021 finally dropped today in Australia on Netflix. Have been looking forward to it.

I love Anthony Mackie and would really watch anything he's in, add to that of course that this is a movie about an android officer working with a drone pilot in a eastern european combat zone. Very science fiction. So right up my alley.

The story is fine, I think they really didn't go far enough into the story. Really just scratched the surface of the story that was possible.

Some of the effects are a bit rough but not too shabby considering the type of budget they were most likely working with.

Let's be honest if you like sci-fi and have a Netflix sub (who doesn't these days) give it a watch. It's definitely a fun watch with some good action. Mackie throws himself into the role, like he always does. Damson Idris does a good job as well.

Finished the first three episodes of The Watch (2021) and it's a weird show. Not sure quite how to pin it down. I think it's good but can't quite articulate why. It's on the rotation so I'll see how it tracks over time.

The sets are good, the acting for the most part is good, the effects are good but not spectacular (for tv). The story I think is the best part. Thriller-esque, action fantasy. Some of the in-world choices seem weird. Making Guilds legal (aka assassins guild, thieves guild etc) but then not giving The Watch (who are essentially the police) any protections from those Guilds. Maybe that's the point but hey still weird.

As I said, I'll stick to it, and see how it goes.

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