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Just watched Wonder Woman 1984 in the movies (CovidSafe of course - or as safe as anywhere in Sydney)

I quite liked it, not a perfect film by any stretch of the imagination but a thoroughly enjoyable two hours.

I think it suffers from some pacing issues but overall flows nicely. It does occasionaly get bogged down and stutters.

I think Gal Gadot as usual does well as the eponymous Diana and Kristen Wiig does really well as Barbara Minerva ( aka Cheetah).

You can definitely tell what they were aiming for in terms of story arc, redemption. That humanity at its core is good, deserving to be saved. Whether it quite hits those highs i'm not sure. It does portray everyone in 1984 as doucebags though, that is, until Barbara turns "sexy". That isn't to suggest people aren't like that because I'd imagine they were. Woul've been hard in the 80's to be a high-powered women smarter than others.

As I said if you liked Wonder Woman then you'll like this one. It's bright, peppy and fluoresecent. Not sure whether a grungier version would've worked better but it definitely fits into the Diana's hope narrative. Even after all she has faced and lost, she can still find the beauty in the simple things.

One thing I will say is that at times the effects are rough. Almost always when they are trying to replicate Gal Gadot in midflight or fight. Probably just hitting the upper limits of technique and processing power there.

Big congrats to the entire team though for making a movie and releasing it in 2020 onto 2021.

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