#61 Musings

Finally settling into the new place. Still have a few things to work out. We do have slightly more stuff that we need to fit in. Just have figure out the most efficient way. Definitely getting into a bit of a rhythm (Anyone else think that word looks absolutely weird?). Have ordered some kitchen organiser things that may (or may not) help with the smaller kitchen. In future we really need to go for a bigger kitchen. It has coalesced our needs and wants for our living arrangments. Both my partner and I like being in the kitchen and really it's my error for going for this kitchen. It's only about 40cm of bench space but the kitchen is set up in a way weirder configuration.

Having a few issues with my network at the moment. Turned on my network wide VPN (bypassing TVs/Xboxes etc) and unfortunately I think some of the rules i've set up are just not quite right. Seems to block local traffic as well. Essentially not allowing my pc to connect to my local server without being bounced out into the web first. When I have a minute, I'll need to take a deep dive into the settings again. I do run pfsense which is a massive piece of software that you essentially need a degree to run.

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