#52 Musings

Ok so I watched Universal Soldier (1992) with Van Damme and Lundgren. It's campy, 90s action flick. Nothing that I would go out of my way for but certainly something that will keep you occupied while you play on your phone.

I tend to binge an entire series of there are multiple movies in a set. In this case there are 6 total movies but movies 2 and 3 that do not have Van Damme in it are terribly. Just completely unwatchable. I made it through 3.5 minutes before I threw in the towel.

I moved directly to movie no. 4 but the universal soldier universe essentially ignores movie 2 and 3. Universal soldier: the return is not good but it's at least watchable

We shall see if 5 and 6 fit in with 2 and 3 or 1 and 4.

Till next time,


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