#53 Musings

Sydney (and Australia in general) have handled the pandemic (COVID-19) better than most but even so the complacency that I see around is astonishing. Before the latest cluster we only had a single confirmed case over the last month. I think the relaxing of restrictions paired with very little confirmed community transmission and you get people thinking it's all back to normal. The latest cluster and how quickly it grew showcases that we need to be extremely careful or else we will see many other deaths.

I am still unsure why the NSW government isn't mandating mask use on public transport and in shops. It's such a simple thing that might make a very big difference. If there is a good solid scientific/medical reason why masks aren't a good idea than please NSW Gov. enlighten us.

Started watching the MCU (Marcel Cinematic Universe) in timeline order. So that is when the movies were set in-universe. Disney+ has a handy feature where it gives you that order. Super convenient.

I did watch Thor and Thor: Dark World before thinking I should watch it in timeline order so oh well.

I think I'll be doing that over the next few days and weeks while the Northern Beaches (and NSW) get this latest cluster under control.

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