#51 Musings

Super impressed with the change of my library between h264 and h265. You'd have to have better visual acuity than I to notice a difference. Extremely solid. The ability for me to at the same time add a stereo audio stream is a lifesaver when it comes to appropriate sound for my current setup.

My next big investment after the LG CX 65 is dolby atmos soundbar. I've read some awesome reviews about the Sonos Arc and I think it would go well with the current living room layout. The only obvious downside is the price. Probabl a cool $2000 for the entire setup. The wireless ability is pretty cool though.

I'd need to check before purchase but the NVIDIA Shield does support atmos passthrough. This would make the setup much much simpler. Not the worst but certainly not the optimum pathway.

Had some major overhearing issues with my Unraid cache pool. I was smashing the drives at the time and I do have a slightly higher ambient temp as well which certainly contributed. Definitely an airflow issue in the case. I opened the side panel and pointed a fan at it and it cooled significantly. Definitely going to have to solve that in the near future.

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