#39 Musings

More comfortable with Windows? Maybe!

Just love sharex, you just can't beat it.

So after running Pop_OS! for probably two weeks I have settled back into WIndows. Now, I do genuinely enjoy using Linux. It's a good system, not easy to use per se though with Pop everything really just works out of the box. You do sometimes need to work at getting stuff to work, unlike Windows where the majority of the time everything just works.

I still can't get past how good ShareX is. It just is the best screen capture tool I have ever used. The absolute convenience of using it cannot be overstated.

The other thing that I'm not sure whether its just me and my specific set up but Windows 10 seems sharper. Now that's not to say that Pop_OS is blurry or anything like that but there is this lack of sharpness to the edges of everything.

That last bit is essentially what tipped me over back to Windows. I'll, of course, continue to run Linux purely to keep me sharp and maybe see the improvements that happen over time. Maybe my setup will change and I'll be satisfied with the sharpness or whatever is happening Pop_OS will be solved.

Eh we shall see.

Till next time,


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