#40 Musings

Looking at network management servIces or devices.

Unfortunately either its designed for enterprise networks and so hugely expensive or you need a certification to even download the software.

I have used the Fingbox and Domotz but unfortunately, the Fingbox was passed onto a relative and the domotz pricing while cheap in terms of enterprise software still works out to be 25-30 AUD per month.

The Fingbox is $199 and is looking tempting because the platform is quite good. I would prefer an open source, locally hosted solution and NEMS Linux could very well be that solution.

Seems fully featured, open source and hosted locally. Now it does need a Raspberry Pi 4 (I only have a 3 and it apparently should work on that as well). I would've like to have tested it out on a vm or docker but I'll have to dig up the raspberry pi.

If it works well that might be the best solution, considering the price of a raspberry pi 4 is very reasonable.

I am looking at a security system and unfortunately the cheap tp-link cameras I bought are just not the right fit. They record everything, and you can't seem to set them to record with geofencing (i.e. only if you aren't at home).

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