#37 Musings

Weird issue on one of my servers.

I am running Wordpress on Ubuntu 18.04 (Digital Ocean Droplet 1GB Memorry/25 GB Disk)

Had some intermittent issues and then it went down until I rebooted the droplet.

At around 2230-2235 I had massive spike in CPU, load, Disk I/O and bandwidth. It was outbound traffic as well.

I think I had similar issues with some of my other droplets, I'll have to dig the troubleshooting notes I created during that time.

The new LG CX 65 inch tv arrived and it is a monster. It's also an OLED and so its so fucking thin.

It's so big that my partner and I can't actually put it up. Mainly due to my partner having a wrecked shoulder from a dislocation.

Getting father to come by and help me out, for the price of a lift home. Bonus.

I could've probably asked my brother but poor timing.

Till next time,


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