#36 Musings

Moving Update

  • All the green boxes have been emptied in readyness for their pickup on friday. So that is one less thing we need to stress about.
  • Kitchen is still a mess but that is partially because we are waiting some more plastic storage boxes to put my partners baking accoutrement in. Once that is sorted it will be much easier to get the kitchen to a useable state. We managed tonight with some frozen pies and potato mash (which were delicious).
  • This apartment complex only has two recycling bins, which is a bit of a travesty considering that normal rubbish is picked up once a week and recycling only once every two weeks. We shall see how that fares in the long run but I am not holding out much hope considering that currently, the bins are overflowing with another week to go.

Spent even more money at Ikea for the office furniture/shelving and I think it looks quite good.

New TV is arriving today (thursday) so that will be awesome. Going to be a massive upgrade to what we currently have. I am curious about sound because it is supposed to have better sound than what we currently have. Not surprising considering our current tv is 4 years old.

Till next time,


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