#35 Musings

I'm feeling good about this new place. We have fit in well so far. A small (possibly big) problem of random access by a building manager employee. Considering the private, extremely sensitive work product my partner has at home due to the pandemic. This just isn't on. Thankfully, we have cameras and other security measures to ensure that if unwanted access does occur we know about. The building manager has assured is this won't happen again. We shall see.

Going to get back to Ikea to get some furniture for office. Hopefully, they have it in stock.

We have used the shelving that used to be in the office as shelving in th living room.

Currently watching Shangai SIPG v Sydney FC in the Asian Champions League. Should have had way more points than we are currently on but just missing that clinical finishing. As it stands we cannot progress and this is a dead rubber match. A few minutes in and our young goalkeeper has had a nasty head clash and is out of the game. Did not look good at all. Lets hope he is all right. Considering the head clash that just happened in the English Premier League with Jiminez who ended up with a fractured skull.

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