#34 Musings

Pulled the trigger on that new tv.

The LG CX OLED 65inch.

A massive tv, we currently have a 55inch (Sony 4K LCD) but considering how much content we consume on the tv I think it will be a worthwhile investment.

Supposed to have some great gaming chops as well. Currently have an Xbox One but am going to be getting a Series X once they are back in stock.

On the move front, we handed back the keys today and fingers crossed the leasing agents are dicks and give us back our bond. We did leave the apartment cleaner that when we received it.

Emptied most of the boxes. Only got a couple more to go, and we need to go and buy some more furniture. Gasp. For the office, since we repurposed that shelving for our "storage space". All of our stuff seems to fit nicely. Hopefully we aren't too overcrowded.

Till next time,


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