#33 Musings

Finally, writing this from my mine setup. Got everything up and running and everything seems to be working.

CPU idle temps are a bit higher (60c) than usual but not hitting dangerous levels. I'll keep an eye out to make sure that it doesn't creep up over time.

All my monitors seemed to have made the trip with little no damage but certainly no damage on the actual panels. Considering I was lazy during the move and didn't take them off the mount but rather kept them on the arms. I am happy that it all worked out. Fingers crossed my partners screens also survived the journey, though nothing makes me think otherwise.

We have emptied 75 percent of the boxes and now only have 10 or so to go. Thankfully it all seems to be fitting so that is definitely a postive. Have had to come up with some innovative and creative ways to utilise the smaller space but I think we'll cope. It will certainly give us a good feel as to exactly how much space we need to be happy.

Finally can get back to coding and start learning again. Having my set up back definitely makes me realise how much I rely on it to feel like I am being productive.

Till next time,


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