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Read an article served to me by Google from a random comic book blog site. Non-professional, so not a major publication.

It was about Deadpool 3 and the fact that the original writers were not going to be working on the project anymore. In fact it would be relative unknowns the Molyneux sisters best known for Bob's Burgers. The writer was bemoaning "politically-correct" hollywood and that these were obviously "diversity hires". That Marvel/Disney via Kevin Feige were not choosing the best writers for the project but rather trying to get more women on board.

In case it wasn't clear I vehemently disagree with this sentiment. To suggest that the only reason the Molyneux sisters were hired was because they are women is ridiculous. Did it factor into the decision-making process, I'm sure. Could it have tipped them over the edge, why not. The sisters have been on the Bob's Burgers show for nine years and so really must be doing something right. It could very well be that Disney/Marvel want to move in a lower than R rating direction and so the dropping of the original writing would make sense. Maybe they are cheaper, maybe they are more amenable to direction from the studio. That this writer was suggesting the only reason why this writers were chosen is because of the lack of external genitalia is a ridiculous one.

You can, of course, dislike the fact that the original writing team isn't going to be there, but come on, give it a chance before writing it off.

I think there does need to be more female writers in Hollywood. More diverse groups of people who create the content to our favourite tv shows, movies and more. Lived experience is such a powerful tool and being able to enthusiastically, and authentically showcase the wide array of stories that exist in this world is a positive for everyone.

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