#29 Musings

So I just found out that there is a new Tremors franchise movie out. Now I won't say that they are a good set of films but they are fun. Tremors: Shrieker Island direct to VOD in 2020 is the 7th movie in a franchise that stretches back all they way to the first film in 1990 that stars a young Kevin Bacon.

The Tremors films got more B-grade as the years wore on but I have to say Shrieker Island is a return to form. The effects aren't bad for a direct-to-VOD movie. Now this isn't a COVID-19 direct to streaming because of no theaters just to clarify any ambiguities.

Now, don't expect an Oscar winner but the characters are good. Burt Gummer played by Michael Gross (for 30 years in every Tremors film and tv show), is excellent as always. Richard Brake seems to be having fun as the maniacal evil bio-tech mogul.

All in all a good old fun movie. Completely predictable, no thought required fun.

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