#31 Musings

Finally the old apartment is empty. Only have somethings in the storage cage for my parents to come by and pick up. Was supposed to clean the apartment today but after it taking 2 hours to clean a single bathroom and my partner still having shoulder issues due to her dislocation, it was decided we get the professionals in. Only going to cost a few hundred dollars and they guarantee the bond back. Well worth it considering the effort it took to clean the bathroom to a high standard.

Now its just about actually putting all the stuff away at the new place. My office still isn't set up which is annoying but hopefully on Sunday I can get it all up and running.

Onto football things and as usual Australian teams have done terribly. Sydney FC played well in parts but certainly missed that clinical edge. Like with all A-League teams though we are not in-season and that definitely shows in terms of sharpness and fatigue levels.

What else is there to right, just another disappointing ACL season. Fingers crossed that doesn't translate to a poor A-League showing. At least the players will be home for the holiday period before the start of the season.

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