#26 Musings

Looking at upgrading our tv. Currently have a 4 year old 55inch 4k Sony tv and a 45 inch Full HD Sony in the bedroom. The bedroom TV is starting to show its age. Would prefer to make my own choice rather than being forced into one.

Looks like LG oled C series is too of the pile. The CX looks like quite the tv. I do think that even though the LG CX doesn't go as bright as the Samsung Q90, becuase of the ability of the OLED to really turn off those pixels means that percieved contrast ratio is massive. Am definitely going to go with a 65inch this time. The extra screen real estate will really come in handy. The fact that our new place doesn't suffer from the kind of glare situation that our current place does makes it an easier choice.

A convenient time to purchase, a lot of Australian retailers are going for the black friday sale phenomena from the states. I doubt the latest tv's will be that discounted but who knows.

Since I use a NVIDIA Shield makes the exact OS of the tv not as relevant but WebOS does seem nice.

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