#27 Musings

Getting there with the move. We don't have a lot of stuff but it is fiddly. At least we have hired movers to get all the big stuff (couch, fridge, dining room table), so t onhat at least helps to alleviate some of the effort.

It's a weird feeling to be without my tech. My homelab is extensive. I run Unraid with 26TBs of storage, 15 Dockers and 3 VMs. I also have a pfSense firewall that helps secure and connect me with my web servers on DigitalOcean and Linode. Fingers crossed everything boots up when I set it up again haha.

Currently sitting (writing this on my phone) and watching Netflix rather than using my four monitor setup to maximise my time. It's an interesting experience to be without it.

I am with NBN and purchase my internet through Launtel. Love the way they run their business. Daily charges, easy to change speeds, a feed trial period. Amazing. I'd highly recommend them.

Till next time,


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