#25 Musings

Apartment Update
So there is electricity, gas and hot water in the apartment. Now, I assume that's because it's an embedded network and so everything is connected at all times. Apparently, a single company does both gas and electricity. Eh its running in the apartment so I'm in no rush.

Started to move our stuff in. Going to take some getting used to but I think its going to be a better apartment. No gym but I'll have to sort something out.

In my Linux transition I am using Pop_OS! with a gnome desktop. I do like the look of KDE Plasma though. Might make the change and see what its like. Definitely for after I have moved my home lab to the new apartment though.

In upsetting news it looks like there is global shortages of the Xbox Series X until well into 2021. My partner offered to purchase one for me in pre-order but I said lets wait until christmas, I've got a series one that is still working with no issues. Unfortunate but not serious.

The Premier League is back tonight after the international break, good to have it back after a weird Nations Cup and friendlies. Not sure whether those should have played considering the state of the pandemic in England and mainland europe. There are those who would argue that domestic football shouldn't be running either and I wouldn't necessarily argue against it. Having said that I think the games that you have to travel internationally for like friendlies and Nations Cup are way more dangerous then domestic games.

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