#24 Musings

The apartment saga is still ongoing but at least I now have internet connected, with the same provider I am now on. Excellent that at least whatever happens over the next 12 months, I'll have fast internet. Still no gas or electricity, the problem is that the company that is supposed to run the embedded network says they don't. No other gas or electricity company can either though. We shall see, it's with the building management company. So hopefully they can back to use so we can have hot showers when we move in.

My move to Pop_OS! as my daily driver is going well. No real major problems though I still haven't solved my screenshotting issues. I am running a Windows VM and so have shareX installed on that. Can always just use the VM for any major things I need to manage.

Finally got Nativefier to work, and it works really well. Super impressed with it, if you didn't know that they were websites wrapped in Electron you wouldn't know.

Look at this image and unfortunately for some reason it is not allowing me to insert it but it is available at the following link.

Just flawless really. Haven't had any performance issues so far but I'll keep an eye on it over time. Obviously streaming websites such as Netflix etc do not work as they have specific modules that they require to enable a stream.

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