#23 Musings

Took my partner to the new place, and she thankfully likes it.

Measured everything and it all seems to be able to fit.

Now to start packing. Joy itself /s.

I am now now using Linux Pop_OS! as my daily driver. I do have a Windows VM running on Unraid for those times I do need a Windows environment. Mainly Newton Mail and really haven't found a good enough screenshotting application on Linux.

I have tried Flameshot, Screencloud, built-in Gnome tool, and Spectacle. None of them have that killer feature (or at least I couldn't get it to work) where it automatically gets uploaded to a service of your choice and the resulting share URL gets copied to the clipboard for later use.

Spectacle seems the closest. Seems to under actice-development, as at least the stated ability to upload directly to a Nextcloud instance. Unfortunately, I just cannot for the life of me actually get it up and running.

Notwithstanding those critical issues, Pop_OS! 20.10 seems to have major issues with the taking a screenshot of a specific region. My multi monitor setup just starts blinking away between pure black and of course mangeled desktops.

I think the one of the reasons why I like using Linux is that it takes work. Sometimes you need to be creative in working towards a goal. Unlike both Windows and MacOS which for the post part just work.

The question then becomes am I happy to have to tinker to get stuff exactly how I want it or am I happy to get by with what Microsoft and Apple think I should?

We shall see, till the next one.


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