#18 Musings

Some spoilers ahead though most of them are for movies that aired a long time ago. Fair warning.

Bit of a James Bond kick in the last couple of days. I am starting with the Pierce Brosnan era, the aboslute classic Goldeneye (1995). I think that was one of the first video games I played seriously. Have watched Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), The World Is Not Enough (1999 and am now up to Die Another Day (2002.

I have to say these aren't good films, but can be enoyable. There are, of course, numerous issues around sexism, mysogny and alcohol. They should be seen for what they are, a caricature. Ridiculously depicting both its titular character, the indumitable James Bond, and the starring roles that the women play in these films.

Maybe that will change in the planned latest installment in the James Bond franchise No Time To Die (2021). With Lashana Lynch playing a new 00 character and being assigned the usual 007 codename reserved for James Bond, for reasons I won't go into in this piece due to the movie still not out. Having said that this information is/was readily available in the trailer and major talk around the movie.

I am looking forward to the movie even if it is only pure fantastical action. Supposedly, Daniel Craigs last Bond film though we've heard that before. To be honest, if the torch was handed over to Lashana Lynch that wouldn't be the worst thing for diversity in the thriller action genre.

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