#19 Musings

After all the plaudits I gave Unraid for being rock solid and stable, had to do an unclean power down. So just manually pressing the reset button.

It's not the best for the storage array and the way that Unraid stores data and protects against hard drive failure but could not use either the gui dashboard or command to do a shutdown.

I'll have to go through a parity check for the parity drive but I believe a runaway docker container caused Unraid to become unresponsive. Unusual, and I'll have to dig down into potentially what Docker if in indeed it was that. A restart seems to have done the trick, and everything seems to be working nominally now.

The CPU was being hammered by something though, and I am curious whether it might've been Plex. Plex is definitely the most intensive Docker I have running. I also run Jellyfin but the others are mostly low end programs that unless something was going massively wrong wouldn't cause that kind of processer load.

It unfortunately came at a time where my partner and I were just wanting to sit on the coach and watch a movie. Ahh well a single issue in a 110 days is not too bad at all.

Till next time,


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