#17 Musings

Finally got my phone replacement by Google. They ended up just sending me a completely new phone rather than a refurbished one. I am not going to complain about that.

Now the ardous task of setting it back up again. Unlike iOS, android doesn't have a similar backup feature. It ends up being that some apps come back perfectly, others need logging in again but keep their data while some just completely gone. Thankfully, the majority of the services I use are cloud ones, so no data loss.

Fingers crossed that this one is fully functional for the next 12 months or so. I think I am going to go down the iPhone path. Certainly the privacy focused software ecosystem is very appealing. The current generation of iPhones are very nice as well. I think the nicest in a long time. Very industrial, feels nice in the hand. If only they used usb type-c like the rest of the planet.

Good news is that we got approved for that new place so no more open houses for the foreseeable future. Not sure whether I did the right thing but I think we will adapt. It's definitely I nice place, just hope that my partner likes it too.

Slightly smaller that we have right now but I think nicer. Certainly love the fact that there is no carpet anywhere in the place. Makes keeping it clean way easier.

Now there is just the actualy moving that we need to accomplish. Always such as joy.

Till the next one,


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