#16 Musings

I run windows 10 on my daily driver and while I have nothing against macs per se but I like building my own machines. I would definitely consider myself a power user, I currently run 4 screens. 3 x 1080p for main use such as coding, browsing etc, and a fourth 4k monitor for consuming content such as movies, tv shows etc. See the screenshot below for an idea as to what that looks like.

The black spaces are obviously where there are no monitors.

I have toyed with the idea of moving to a linux distro and even tried some out by dual booting my primary machine.

Generally Ubuntu is my go to flavour of linux, but recently Pop-OS by System76 has piqued my interest.

Pop-OS is incredibly stable much like a lot of linux distros, though Microsoft has done a lot of work on this with Windows 10. I very rarely have any issues. I even run the bleeding edge developer previews.

I run a couple of linux distros in VMs on Unraid, just to play and check out any new features that might finally convince me to move to Linux as a daily driver.

I used to stick with windows for gaming purposes but I do less of that now, primarily because the Xbox is so convenient and I can play on a big screen tv. Anyway, Pop-OS does support gaming to a limited degree.

The problem I really face is the small conviences that Windows offers me just can't be beat right now. For example, I use a Logitech MX Master has my main mouse. I crank up the acceleration and speed to as high as they can go. Unfortunately, on Linux those speeds just don't compare. I feel like the cursor is moving through sludge.

All this talk has made me want to dive back into a linux distro, I'll see you on the other side.

Till next time,


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