#15 Musings

We have been pre-approved for a place. Huzzah. Still have go through all the checks but I can't see us failing any of those. Always a bit of a relief when stuff comes together. Fingers crossed they don't change their minds for some reason.

The good thing about this place is that it has FTTP internet, so no slow down or drop in performance (or their shouldn't be at least). Bonus that I can just move my current account over and it should be as simple as flicking a switch. Let's hope that no major issues arise. Having said that I just upgraded my phone plan to one that includes 500gb of data, so worst comes to worst I can just hotspot my phone and use internet that way.

I actually wanted to talk about Signal Messenger by Open Whisper Systems is a fantastic messenger. Secure, or as secure as a software product can be in this day and age. Easy to use, if you can use whatsapp then you can use Signal. Fun, some really excellent features make it a fun product to use.

The one thing I have missed that other messenging platforms have is the @mention in groups. It's such a convenient way to target an individual within a larger group thread. It looks like Signal has done some major work in upgrading their group architecture and so @mentions will soon be broadly available. Fantastic news. (signal.org/blog/new-groups/).

I would highly recommend this messenger for anyone who is even remotely interested in privacy focused software iniatives and innovations.

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