#14 Musings

Still looking for an apartment. Have inspected around 14 ro 15 places.

Some nice, some terrible. Others missing one or two things that would have made it ideal.

A non-negotiable for my partner and I, is air-conditioning. In an Australian summer, I could not manage to live in an apartment with no air-con. My life is just way better when I have the ability to cool down quickly. Especially around bed time.

So many apartments just don't have aircon. Everything else we are quite flexible on so that's internet, other complex amenities such as gym, pool etc. We are going to look at a place tomorrow that looks very promising. Good area, nice access to transport, FTTP and of course ducted aircon. Fingers crossed that place suits and if it does, that our application is accepted.

We put in an application to one place but after thinking about it, It is quite expensive for what you get. It is a 3 bedroom but those bedrooms are really small. Furthermore, while it was advertised with a storage cage, apparently the owner is using it. This means that we miss out on that aspect.

We still have time before it's panic stations, so we can afford to be picky.

Till next time,


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